Naya Stoneworks is a top provider of stone fabrication and supply services

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction with every project. Our team of skilled professionals includes a bi-lingual crew of project managers focused on ensuring a smooth and ef´Čücient process to project completion.

Who We Are

At Naya, we offer a turnkey service for your counter top projects along with the best in fabrication and installation of all stone products. We’re set apart from the industry in our efficiency- first approach to our fabrication utilizing quality checks and the latest technology, and customer centric delivery and installation, all while offering competitive pricing.

Welcome to the new age of Counter tops.

What We Provide

Our Strategy

Constant Improvement

Utilize the industry's best practices and better then, continuously.

Quality People

Continuously building our team with the best in knowledge, services, and integrity. As a team we enjoy what we do.

Cost - Effectiveness

With efficiency being a core value, we maximize output there allowing us to reduce cost and pass the saving along to our clients.

Timely Delivery

Time waits for no one and neither do our installations. The cast majority of our projects are installed within a week from template.

Process Driven

Stone does not give us the luxury of marking mistakes. Every step of our process is documented, reviewed, and checked - and is followed by every team member.

Our Technology

Utilizing Poseidon T-Rex Model X CNC machinery, our cutting and fabricating process is entirely digital and completed in one Hybrid Cycle. This reduces risk of incorrect cuts, fabrication mistakes, and overall human error.

Dual Tables allow us to operate continuously without downtime increasing product and reducing lead time efficently

Nesting Software allows us to digitally map and plan for the cutouts before putting the blade to the stone. Perfect vein matching and seam placement are the result

Jib Cranes and Vacuum Pods allow for stone transport and movement by a single operator, allowing us to dedicate more manpower to quality assurance and delivery


Stone options include Granite, Quartz, Quartzite, Marble, Onyx, Porcelain, and Soapstone

Unique Shapes and curves possible with digital templating and CNC fabrication

Laminate edge profiles including double Ogee, Full Bullnose, and combination of standard edge profiles

Mitered Edges for waterfalls, lamination, and full height backsplash.

Stone Finish Modification to Leathered or Honed from Polished.

Automatic Sink Cutout and Polishing with DXF file

Partnership Process

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